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Written by Beth Cooper on July 6, 2022

Keep it Simple

Whenever I would ask my dad for advice, he would generally say some version of “keep it simple”.

It didn’t really matter what it was, his approach was always one of not complicating the situation at hand. I remember when he was teaching me to drive. It was my first time behind the wheel and I think he knew I was nervous. He calmly said,

“There are two pedals. One makes you go and the other makes you stop. Keep the car in between the lines. Don’t overcomplicate it—keep it simple.”

Keeping things simple is not always easy but I have found that my dad was right - it truly is the best approach.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” —Hans Hofmann
Punkture Tattoo

Getting tattooed at PUNKture Tattoo Studio by Christy Alexander

I think my dad and Hans were on the same page. Keeping things simple allows for the important things to show up. I like to think that a life well-lived is one where our attention is on the things that really matter to us, not on the noise from the edges of life.

I lost my dad in 2016. I miss him. However, when I need advice and think of what he would tell me, in many cases, I already know what he would say.

I’m so certain of it, that I got a tattoo on my arm that says “keep it simple”. When I repeat those words to myself, I can hear them in my dad’s voice. Even though he is gone from this life, his wise words are with me always.

My dad actually helped inspire the name of my business. Read about it in Your Dad Said What?

So as you go about your day and face all that life brings, I invite you to channel a bit of my dad. Whatever the situation, try not to overcomplicate things and do your best to keep it simple. 

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