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Written by Beth Cooper on December 17, 2021

3 ways essential oils can help you

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. These oils capture a plant’s scent or “essence”. 

They are sourced from plant materials such as leaves, roots, stems, seeds, fruits, flowers, or bark. Essential oils have been used in wellness practices for over 5,000 years and have provided us with a fragrant pharmacy full of remedies.  

There are several ways to use essential oils. My favorite ways are in a diffuser, added to a carrier oil and applied to the skin or mixed with Epsom salt in a bath. 

When using essential oils there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic ingredients)  
  • When diffusing, don’t exceed 60-minute intervals and make sure you are in a well-ventilated area 
  • Make sure you take caution with using certain essential oils around pets and babies 

I believe that different scents evoke different feelings and emotions for each of us. I encourage my clients to try various oils to see what and how they respond to them. Below, I share some ways that I personally use them:


I typically use a bath as a way to relax and reconnect to myself after a stressful day or experience. I also use a hot bath as a way to extend some love to my body after a long hike or a day full of physical work. 

  • If I’m in need of a relaxing bath, I like to use 2 cups of Epsom salt and add a few drops of frankincense and lavender oil.  
  • If I’m in need of a bath to relieve sore muscles, I like to use 2 cups of Epsom salt and add a few drops of bergamot and peppermint oil. 


I love diffusing oils as I’m working (focus) winding down for bed (calming) or just because they smell good and bring me joy! Here are a few of my favorite combinations:

  • Focus – any combination of basil, bergamot, lemon, and  peppermint
  • Calm – lavender and eucalyptus radiata
  • Just because – patchouli and lavender (all-time favorite scent) 


There are several carrier oils you can use but my personal favorites are organic fractionated coconut oil and organic jojoba oil. I like these because they don’t have a smell that can overpower the essential oil and my skin absorbs them well so I’m not left with a sticky, oily mess. You can find rollerballs for essential oils online. I fill the rollerball up with the carrier oil of my choice and add several drops of essential oils.

  • I like to apply essential oils on my feet at night before bed. The pores on the bottom of your feet are some of the largest on the body. This makes the area ideal for transdermal absorption, allowing oils to quickly pass through layers of skin. Frankincense has several healing properties but the reason I choose to use it at night as it can be used as a sleep aid. I take the rollerball and apply the mixture to the bottom of my feet to support a night of restful sleep. 

  • Some days, I feel like I could use a little support in boosting my mood. On those days, I use a rollerball that has the following essential oils (don’t forget the carrier oil): Lavender, ylang-ylang, patchouli, and sandalwood 

The use of essential oils supports a holistic approach to wellness as they can affect the mind, body, and soul. While many of them smell incredible, they also offer significant healing properties: reduce stress and inflammation, improve sleep, boost mood and relieve headaches to name a few. 

Are you looking for a deep sense of relaxation and more balance?

A Reiki session could help.


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